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How to Find DEF

Brenntag North America is headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania and has over 140 locations throughout the US and Canada, many of which have designated Diesel Exhaust Fluid quality labs


Brenntag operates off an efficient hub and spoke model.  Large bulk quantities are received at Brenntag's "hub" locations and distributed to smaller "spoke" facilities.  Brenntag receives rail car loads of DEF, then tests and repackages the Diesel Exhaust Fluid into 55 gallon drums and 330 gallon totes. 


Brenntag DEF is proud to have strategic marketers who help us cover all geographical North American territories.    To inquire about becoming a Brenntag Diesel Exhaust Fluid Distributor or to receive more information about Diesel Exhaust Fluid, please fill out the appropriate form and a member of our team will get back to you very soon.


Find your nearest Brenntag location.


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