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DEF Usage Calculator

Calculate Your Diesel Exhaust Fluid Consumption


Diesel Exhaust Fluid usage can be determined easily through the use of our web calculator.


Based on your responses, the calculator will provide your estimated yearly amount of DEF consumption and a recommended package size.  For questions about your Diesel Exhaust Fluid usage estimate, please contact your DEF area sales representative.


Please enter data for items 1 thru 4. 



Estimated Annual Consumption*


1 Enter the number of SCR trucks you operate


  Average yearly gallons of DEF you may consume






2 Enter the average miles for a single truck, traveled in one year (default is 100,000 miles p.a.)


  Recommended form of package to be used when ordering




3 Enter the average fuel mileage of your trucks (measured as MPG, defaults is 6 MPG)




4 Default dosage rate is 3% DEF per every gallon of diesel fuel based on engine manufactures suggestion





*Estimates of usage are approximate and provided as a courtesy only, without any liability. Actual consumption may be more or less than the estimated quantity and will vary based on various factors in addition to the assumptions used in calculating the estimate, including vehicle condition, type of roads traveled and weight of the load carried.
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